Autism Awareness weekend event. On July 30th, 2022 starting at Midnight Striped Bass Fishing Tournament & on July 31st, 2022 Family Fun Day with many activities!

Who We are

My Little Buddy’s Boat - Promoting Autism Awareness

The mission for “My Little Buddy’s Boat” has two purposes in mind:

First, is to help spread autism awareness around the country and make resources available on this site to help people get professional help and direction where ever they may live. Second, and equally important as the first, is to show parents, relatives, and friends of autistic children that there may be an avenue for you to bond with your child in a way through fishing that touches basic human nature and transcends autism.

I’m sharing with you here what I have experienced with my son Luke. I hope many of you can have similar experiences!

At a very early age in his life, I found my son Luke was attracted by “water.” It could be any type of association, from taking a bath to passing by a pond, river, lake or the ocean. He was always interested by it. He also seemed happy and more typical in behavior when he could feel the sensation water gave him.

I remember his first pre-words “bababa” were spoken one early morning on a beach when the water was warm and the air was calm; we had just taken a swim. Luke seemed more connected and, like always, was very happy to be playing in the water.


Day 1 - July 30th, 2022 - 10th Annual Striped Bass Tournament

$60 (Donation) + $5 (admin fee)

On July 30th starting at Midnight, we kick off the Autism Awareness events with a our 10th annual Striped Bass Fishing Tournament. All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to My Little Buddy's Boat Charity dedicated to helping kids with Autism. If you just want to donate, please just register for the tournament! 


Click on Join the Tournament button below, or on your phone go to


Date & Time: 

  • From 07/30/22 12:00AM (midnight) until 07/30/22 02:00PM
  • You can join the tournament until July 29th 9:00 PM. (3 hours before the tournament starts)

Catch: Longest Striped Bass

  • First place Prize: $1000 
  • Second Place: $600 
  • Third Place:    $400 

Tournament Fee: $60 per participant + $5 (admin fee)

For private boats or charter boats with multiple individuals (2 or more), the captain of the vessel can register based on the number of individuals participating in the tournament. The captain of the vessel should upload the photo for each catch to keep the leader board updated. For example, If a private boat has a total of 3 individuals fishing, the captain, or any of the individuals can register and chose the option of Boat with 3 individuals for $180 which amounts to $60/individual, plus $5 for admin fee. To keep the leader board updated, the captain or the individual registered should use the FshDonkey app to load all the photos for each catch in real-time. Since there are multiple individuals on the boat, take a photo of the person holding the fish as well. 



All registration and payment must be completed using the app. The FishDonkey App will be used to photo document fish and will generate live leaderboards. The leaderboards will update throughout the event as fish are submitted. All entries will be considered unofficial until verified. 

  • Download the app for your iPhone or Andriod Phone
  • After downloading the app, launch the app and register as a new user (if this is your first time)
  • After you register, Click on Find Tournament
  • Type the tournament name: mission
  • Click on the Fishin’ with a Mission (this is the tournament)
  • Click Join and complete the registration
  • Please read all the rule before Joining the tournament
  • Pay by Credit Card 
  • You are now registered for the tournament.
  • You must use the fishdonkey app throughout the tournament
  • Watch the 1 minute video on how to take picture 

Day 2 - July 31st, 2022 Autism Awareness Family Fun Day!

10 am to 4 pm at the Mystic Wellington Yacht Club in Medford MA

Fun activities for kids of all ages including:

  • Free kids boat rides
  • Fishing (fishing rods and worms supplied)
  • Music, Games, and prizes
  • BBQ lunch
  • Bouncy Hut 
  • Water Slide
  • Rafel and many prizes
  • Firetruck will be there as well! 


Date & Time: 

  • July 31st, 2022 from 10 AM to 4 PM


  • Mystic Wellington Yacht Club
  • 100 Constitution Ave, Medford, MA 02155