The History of the Mystic  Wellington Yacht Club


The history of the Mystic Wellington Yacht Club Inc. is actually quite amazing. It began around 1966 when the Metropolitan District Commission was obtaining parcels of land along both sides of the Mystic River in an effort to convert land parcels into State Parklands. At that time, Russo's Marina had occupied the property. As part of the revitalization process, a group of individuals had approached the MDC to convert this makeshift marina into a more public-friendly parcel of property. This group of individuals working with the MDC at the time created an organization called the "Wellington Yacht Club Inc."

As the club tried to establish itself, it continued to have issues regarding the private marina that had operated there and was continuing to operate in violation of the non-commercial use regulation the MDC had instilled.


In 1971, the "Mystic Wellington Yacht Club" was incepted and charted as a chapter 180 non-profit organization. The Yacht Club, as it developed, had derived from member's own funding to purchase a building and a boat hauler. Working closely with the MDC, the Yacht Club created a program to oversee the use of a public launch ramp. The Yacht Club also helped fund the creation of a docking pier for the public and has maintained this area to date.


In the early seventies, the MWYC donated boat dockage space to the Sea Explorers, a division of the Boys and Girl Scouts of America. The Coast Guard Auxiliary and the U.S. Power Squadrons were also granted dockage space to assist with Boston Harbor boat safety and security. Special events were also created annually to help underprivileged children from the Boston area.


As time passed the Yacht Club had developed a long-term plan to renovate the waterfront area and stabilize the success of the organization. Beginning in the early 1980s the Yacht Club with permission of the MDC began installing fixed piers to better accommodate boats. Piling and dock projects were completed in stages over a ten-year period. All funded from within the organization costing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At the same time, civic involvement was a mission of the Yacht Club. It became actively involved in many charitable programs hosted by the City of Medford. The Yacht Club felt a responsibility to its community. Beautification to the area was also a primary goal and many man hours and dollars were spent to develop the physical appearance of the property.