Trivia Fun

Think you are a good boater? Do you think you know your way around?

Take our trivia test and see how you rate.

lighthouse 1. Name this lighthouse?
Logan Airport 2. Logan Airport was originally known as what Island?
bridge 3.Name this bridge and its location?
knot 4. What type of knot is this?
buoy 5.What type of buoy is this?
lighthouse 6. Name this lighthouse and its location?
fish 7. What kind of fish is this?
sea bird 8. What is this sea bird called?
Coast Guard station 9. What is the name of this Coast Guard Station and where is it located?
burgee 10. This burgee belongs to what yacht club?
bridge BONUS QUESTION: Name this bridge and where was it located?


Trivia Answers:

1. Minot's Light 2.Governor's Island 3.Blyman Bridge Gloucester, MA

4.Bowline knot  5.Mid channel marker  6.Bug Light Plymouth MA

7. Codfish 8.Tern 9. Point Allerton Coast Guard Station, Hull MA

10.Fox Hill Yacht Club, Saugus MA

Bonus answer: Drawbridge #7 Somerville MA